That Tall (Acoustic)

by Alina Smith

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She keeps a box of tissues
By her bed
For all the moments when her
Demons win
Twists and turns in front of the mirror,
Hoping something different would appear

And any time that things don't
Seem to work
She thinks that pain is something
She deserves
Curls up under the covers,
Wishing that the world would just love her

You gotta
Stand up, hold your
Head high
Wear waterproof mascara
'Til your tears run dry
Gotta have faith, when you
Feel small,
Keep those high heels on
'Til you feel that tall

It ain't a secret people
Can be cruel
They'll tear you down to make
Themselves feel cool
Their words sink in deep,
Until you almost start to believe it
But you gotta


You know you're worth it,
You gotta work it,
You'll be just fine,
If you just



released 03 February 2013
Song by Alina Smith & Shanna Crooks
Recorded & Engineered by Alina Smith
Piano by Alina Smith



all rights reserved


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